How To Prepare For The 'Major Winter Storm' On Its Way To NB

Posted on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 13:11 PM

A major winter storm is bearing down upon the province and the city of Saint John is telling people to get ready for any emergency that may arise from it.

Mike Carr is a Saint John firefighter and also the EMO management officer for the city and tells CHSJ News residents need to be prepared.

"Emergency services can be taxed during winter events, as we know, and the conditions may last for an extended period," says Carr.

"Therefore, it's important for the citizens to be able to shelter in place, and have enough supplies to stay safe in their home or, in fact, in their vehicle for a short period of time."

Carr says you should have enough food and water on hand to sustain you for at least 72 hours in the event of a major power outage.

The provincial EMO is warning that snow accumulation can increase the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and that residents should have a working CO alarm in their home. You're also warned to never run generators or cook with an open flame inside a home or garage.

If it's a huge snow event the city has four priorities for plowing with residential being the least important. Deputy Commissioner of Transportation Jeff Hussey says the city is 316 square kilometres and that means a lot of area to service. He tells us the first goal is to plow certain areas.

"Priority one is our main streets, our highway connectors and our emergency routes, our priority twos are our major bus routes, our school zones, our community centres and our business district. Priority threes are more like your collector lanes, your minor bus routes and our industrial parks," says Hussey.

Hussey says the priority fours are local streets and more or less residential areas. Hussey says if there are going to be any parking bans the city will give plenty of notice as well as parking alternatives.