David Coon Says Too Many Decisions Are Made By The Premier's Office

Posted on Friday, November 24, 2017 13:59 PM

Provincial Green Party leader David Coon is relieved a new agency won't be created to do property tax assessments in the future.

This follows the auditor-general's report on the inflated property tax assessments. Coon says the decision to freeze property tax assessments next year was a knee jerk reaction.

Coon does say too much of government decisionmaking is taking place out of the Premier's office by people who have not been elected and this leads to bad decisions being made.

He calls the fast tracking of the system "a runaway train" with no explanation of why the throttle on the train was thrown open in the first place.

Auditor-General Kim MacPherson made 25 recommendations to ensure inflated property tax assessments never happen again.

Coon is pretty confident all of them will be implemented given the controversy.