Sussex Pastor Gets 9 Month Custodial Sentence On Voyeurism Charge

Posted on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 17:48 PM

A Sussex pastor who plead guilty to a voyeurism charge from last March getting a custodial sentence which includes six months of house arrest.

50 year old David Scott Hillier of Berwick sat in the front row of the gallery and sometimes he looked down or he hunched over.

He worked as a pastor at St. Paul's United Church in Sussex.

The voyeurism charge relates to an incident at a tanning salon.

A young mother of two cried as she read a victim impact statement where she said things like "how could you do this to me" and "How do I explain to my kids why I am so angry now?"     She pleaded with Mr. Justice Andrew Palmer to hear her words.

A woman sitting behind Hillier in the gallery was also crying as she spoke.

Crown lawyer Sharon Munn described the case as disturbing and bizarre.

Mr. Justice Andrew Palmer said "Someone of your background is not expected to be engaging in this behaviour which makes it more shocking".
He notes that Hillier's actions were devious and sneaky but also pointed out that he plead guilty to the charge early on, seems remorseful and is attending counselling.