Over 100 Reports Of Leaking Pipes To SJ Water

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 14:46 PM

When she first noticed a leak in her kitchen ceiling about six weeks ago, west sider Joanne Tynski thought it was her roof because it happened after a heavy rainfall.

"Eventually you could see the wall just eroding, and I thought 'hmm'," Tynski says.

"When our handyman came over and they took out part of the ceiling and then down the wall, he determined it was actually a pipe that burst."

Tynski lives on Westgate Drive and has lived on the west side since 1990. She says they have never had a problem with the water before. She's one of the residents who have reported problems to Saint John Water in the wake of the switchover from lake water the new wellwater source from the South Bay Wellfield.

She says that the night before the handyman came to take the wall out, she noticed water from the shower was 'coming with such force.' However, Saint John Water says that the water pressure has not increased since the transition to the new water source.

The city says since the switchover to the new wellwater source, Saint John Water has received over 100 reports of leaking pipes with most of those made over the last two weeks and they started an investigation into the leaking pipes last month.

Mayor Don Darling and council are holding an information session on the west side water situation which is happening Thursday at 7pm at the Branch 69 Legion.

(Photos from Joanne Tynski)