STORM CENTRAL: Possibly 82 Centimetres Of Snow For Saint John In 5 Days

Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2015 15:23 PM

Don't feel bad, it's like this all over the Maritimes today.

Saint John had  21 centimetres of snow on the ground by noon.

Bob Robichaud of Environment Canada tells us Moncton had 23 centimetres by noon.

He says they have a bit less in Fredericton and even less as you go further north.

Another 5-10 cm's is on the way before the storm clears off overnight.

We hit the deep freeze tonight with significant windchill making it feel like -30.

If we end up getting 35 centimetres by the time the storm ends, Saint John may have received as much as 82 centimetres of snow in 5 days.

Estimates for Tuesday's blizzard range from 35 to 47 centimetres of snow.