Deep Cleaning Recommended For Heat Pumps

Posted on Monday, March 5, 2018 13:09 PM

Heat pumps are now being used in  many homes,  but if you have had one installed, ensure that it gets a regular deep cleaning.

Owner of All Phase Heating and Cooling Jeff O'Neil says there is the potential of dirt and mould spores building up inside the unit, depending on how much you use it..

"How busy your house is, how tidy it is, whether your have pets, how many people live there and if you are a heavy air conditioner user.  Some people really crank them down low and they run them and they never really shut off, they're constantly going.  It also depends on whether or not you are cleaning your filter. I have actually seen something that looks like mould.  I have also seen blowing wheels look like rotten fruit where there is fuzz  and black spores built up on them,  all from air conditioning."

He says this shouldn't deter homeowners from getting a heat pump.

"What you pay for a maintenance call, you are still so far ahead of what you are paying for your home energy costs.  Even with the cost of a maintenance call, you are still far ahead on what you are saving on your home energy costs.  That's really important.  if you do the math, if you have to pay a couple of hundred bucks for maintenance every second year, that's peanuts," O'Neil says.

He suggests all homes are different, but if your equipment isn't heating or cooling as well as it should, have it checked out, and have a service call done at least every 2 years.