Hundreds Of Children Waiting To Be Adopted In NB

Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 07:42 AM

Some startling numbers from the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation.

Executive Director Suzanne Kingston says they are currently 400 children whose parental rights have been severed, and are in the permanent care of the province.

"Of those 400, the latest statistics we have been given which would be in the last couple of months, show there are 258 children over the age of 11 who are in temporary foster care or in a foster care situation."

Kingston says their goal is to encourage New Brunswickers to consider adopting kids from care, "We also need to support people who are thinking of adopting  but we also need to support people who are thinking of adopting, or post adoption.  That's really what our focus is.  Although we do connect people who adopt privately or internationally."