People In Gagetown Still Want Ferry Service Restored

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 11:35 AM

They are happy for Belleisle Bay and Kennebacasis Island, but folks in Gagetown still want a ferry for their area.

The Gallant government announced on the weekend it was putting $6.5 million towards a new ferry for Belleisle Bay and giving the old one to service Kennebacasis Island.

Wilf Hiscock of the group Save Our Gagetown Ferry says politics has to be the only reason behind the government not giving them a ferry in a conservative held riding.

Hiscock says a survey of businesses in the Gagetown area has found a decrease of between five and 45 percent in business since the ferry was removed and a Jemseg winery says it is down by 85 percent.

Hiscock says they are asking people in Belleisle and the KV area who use those ferries to contact government as a show of support for a Gagetown ferry service.