'It's Complicated': Misunderstanding Around SJDC, Mayor Says

Posted on Friday, July 29, 2016 18:08 PM

There's some misunderstanding out there when it comes to the Saint John Development Corporation according to the mayor of Saint John, who has been appointed to serve on the committee.

"The Saint John Development Corp...is maybe not as well understood as it could be. It's complicated," says Don Darling. "For me I think just getting in there, just getting my orientation as a board member and then of course getting that growth."

There's frustration at the council horseshoe over the apparent stagnation of the corporation's projects, including the development of the old Coast Guard site down by Market Square in uptown Saint John. Darling says when it comes to the SJDC, and other files, we have to do better when it comes to setting expectations.

"We're really, really good at creating the glossies and getting people really excited and we have to be careful that we set the right expectation whatever the project is whether it's development corp or anything else."

Darling says he himself is not really frustrated, but he is anxious for results.

The Saint John Development Corporation recently gave a presentation to Common Council and councillor-at-large Gary Sullivan's question to them was 'what have you done for us lately?'

Councillor David Merrithew doesn't think city taxpayers are getting a return on the $270,000 they give to the corporation.