Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Campaign Focuses On Education And Awareness

Posted on Thursday, October 1, 2015 06:31 AM

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation launched a new public education campaign this summer called The Pink Tour.

It focuses on educating people about the risks of breast cancer and how to make small changes to achieve healthy living.

Tour representative Sarah Riecker says getting the word about actions people can take themselves is critical.

"The research they've been conducting has concluded that 1 in 3 breast cancers is actually preventable through living well," says Riecker. "It's helpful to know that there is something you can do within your control to reduce your overall risk of breast cancer."

Riecker says there is an interactive element, showing people what lumps actually feel like.

"People are surprised to see what the lumps actually feel like in the breast models," says Riecker. "Most women understand that they're supposed to be doing self breast exams but they're rarely sure about what they should actually be looking for.

Riecker says they recommend trying one new thing on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

She says there are five big things to focus on adding to your reduce your risk of cancer.

"Eating healthy of course, getting exercise, limiting your alcohol intake, trying to quit or never start smoking, and then of course trying to reduce your stress," says Riecker.

She says people can be overwhelmed thinking they have to live a perfect lifestyle but that's not the case.

Riecker says instead just focus on one change you'd like to see, and ideally it will have a domino effect leading to an overall healthy lifestyle down the road.