HBB Medical Plans To Keep Operating After Pot Legalization

Posted on Monday, January 29, 2018 14:27 PM

It will remain business as usual for a medical marijuana company with dispensaries in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton after the legalization of recreational pot.

That from HBB Medical CEO Hank Merchant who says they look at medical marijuana and recreational marijuana as being two different things and says they and Cannabis NB serve two different populations.

"People that rely on medical marijuana use that exclusively for a medicine and the people that are going to go ahead with the Liquor Corp's and shop for recreational, it's no different than buying a bottle of booze  you're using that to get high," Merchant says.

"A client coming in can actually look at a particular product and ask what is that good for? Here's my ailment, can you help me?"

He says after the legalization, his clients will still require a medical marijuana card to access their products.

HBB Medical has been among the dispensaries in Saint John that have been raided by police. City police have said these businesses are illegal as they don't have licenses in order to sell.