SJ Councillor Says Mayor's Visit To Premier's Office Was Him Doing His Job

Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2014 14:10 PM

Some around the council horseshoe not happy they weren't consulted before Mayor Mel Norton travelled to the Premier's Office last week to talk about economic development and the possible impacts of a shale gas moratorium.

Ward 1 Councillor Bill Farren however says while he was slightly surprised the media got a hold of the story before council did, the Mayor has always kept them up to speed on his activities on a weekly basis.

Farren says the mayor can't stop to take time to inform council of everything because that slows the process down and that when you get the opportunity you have to strike.

Farren says Norton's trip to the capital city was simply him doing his job.

At the end of last week Norton released a statement clarifying there was no deal made at the meeting for the Port City to accept fracking wastewater for treatment, only an offer to discuss how to safely treat and dispose of the water.