Saint Johners Need To Work Together To Beautify City

Posted on Sunday, February 25, 2018 08:30 AM

Everyone needs to do their part to help make Saint John one of the most beautiful places to live.

That from long-time educator and social entrepreneur Barry Ogden, who recently sent a letter to council applauding their efforts to clean up the city.

"I think Saint Johners are doing everything we can to clean the city up and attract more people," says Ogden, "but I just want to make sure that people are vigil and stay on top."

Ogden is the founder of the Marigold Project and spearheaded an initiative to have murals displayed in the city.

He says we all need to work together to improve Saint John's beauty because the city itself can only do so much.

"The first person you've got to like in this world is yourself, well the community has got to like itself and I think we have to step up and show what we can do," he says. "We've got to attract more visitors for tourism, but we also have to attract more people to live here, and people want to live in nice, clean, bright places."

Ogden says the city's core is our jewel, but it's also a place where there are a lot of rundown streets.