Professor Speaks On Outrage Caused By Killing Of Cecil The Lion

Posted on Friday, July 31, 2015 18:23 PM

The anger over the death of Cecil the lion does not appear to be subsiding with a public petition to have the U.S. dentist who killed the animal extradited to Zimbabwe garnering more than 170,000 signatures as of Friday.

Chair of Brock University's Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film, Scott Henderson believes the issue of Cecil's killing is aligning with a lot of the issues people are dealing with nowadays like power and privilege.

Henderson tells us it became an outrage at the hubris of the wealthy, of Americans, of white people - he says "that seems to be a big part of what's driving this story, why is this American suddenly in Zimbabwe killing this beloved lion?"

Henderson believes the story is opening up a lot of other anxieties for people around what's happening culturally.