Saint John MLA Says Improvements Needed To Child Welfare System

Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2018 13:51 PM

The MLA for Saint John Lancaster says the government has failed to improve the child welfare system in any way.

Dorothy Shephard's comments come after a recent case of child neglect in Saint John, where five children were found living in filth.

"My goal is that we look at the Family Services Act and we give judges and lawyers and social workers the tools they need to make decisions sooner for the betterment of the child," says Shephard.

Shephard says the case is being reviewed by Child and Youth Advocate Norm Bossé, and she hopes it will help improve child welfare in the province.

She says children are being sent back to inappropriate homes too many times, and she wants to know exactly how often it's happening.

Shephard is also calling on Families and Children Minister Stephen Horsman to resign his post.

"He has not been taking this department and trying to understand where the gaps are," she says. "He's not been trying to lead this department into improving their process."

Shephard says the province has committed to making changes, but they have failed to improve the system in any way.