NB RCMP Encountering A Growing Number Of Drivers Ignoring Licence Suspensions

Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 12:18 PM

New Brunswick RCMP are encountering an increase in the number of drivers on the roads with a suspended licence.

So far in 2017, they have caught and charged 1,004 people for this violation, and the year isn't even over yet.

That compares to 2016 when they stopped and charged 1,037 suspended drivers.

The RCMP says most of the time, suspensions are handed out for serious reasons, including impaired driving, failing to pay fines, losing all the merit points on your licence, or refusing to pay child support payments.

The Mounties are debunking common myths about suspensions, saying people cannot avoid the suspension by refusing to receive or open the letter from Public Safety.

Once the letter has been sent and the ten day grace period is over, you are suspended whether or not you physically open the letter.

In addition, the RCMP says even if you have a valid licence in another province, if you are suspended in New Brunswick, you cannot drive in this province.

If you violate your suspension, you will face an additional minimum 12 month suspension, a fine of $500 plus court surcharge, and that's only for a first offence.

If caught more than once, the RCMP says the fines will go up and you could even face jail time.

In the release, the RCMP add suspended drivers who continue to drive are people not taking responsibility for their actions, and some continue to engage in the same dangerous behaviour that led to their licence being suspended in the first place.

When those actions include speeding, and impaired driving, they say that puts everyone at risk, and if you know someone driving with a suspended licence, you should report it to your local police force, or Crime Stoppers.