Most New Brunswickers Support Ban On Plastic Shopping Bags: Survey

Posted on Saturday, March 3, 2018 13:36 PM

Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton residents overwhelmingly support banning plastic shopping bags in their community.

That according to a new Corporate Research Associates survey, which found 70 per cent of Saint Johners, 74 per cent of Frederictonians, and 76 per cent of Moncton residents are in favour of ditching the bags.

Don Mills, the chairman and CEO of Corporate Research Associates, tells us it's unusual to get this level of support for anything these days.

"It's almost 3:1 against those who are opposed to such a ban so, you know, it's a pretty good indication of where the public sentiment is on this issue," says Mills, "and of course, there's an inconvenience factor that most consumers would face with the elimination of plastic bags as well, so I think it's telling in that regard."

Younger people were more likely to support a ban, says Mills, but all age groups were overwhelmingly in favour.

"The environment has been prominent through their lives and, you know, they've probably been more influenced as a result of their development through the education process to be more concerned perhaps than their elders with regards to issue around the environment," he says.

Mills says one of the big challenges would be for retailers to find a convenient alternative to plastic bags.