CCNB Executive Director Applauds Energy East Review Changes

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2016 17:39 PM

The executive director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick is applauding changes by the Trudeau government in the way the Energy East pipeline project is reviewed, which includes the assessment of upstream greenhouse gas emissions and more in-depth consultation with Indigenous peoples.

Lois Corbett says with the former process under the Harper Government pipeline companies only had to talk about the greenhouse gases that they directly emit pumping the oil through the pipe, and didn't need to talk about the increased emissions that would come about by taking tar sands oil to the market.

We've been told that the new measures mean a five to six month delay in the process, however, Corbett says she doesn't think of it as a delay. She says it's a necessary part of analyzing the impact of these projects.

She says she's glad that cabinet has come to its senses.