NB Organizations Advocate For Pay Equity Legislation

Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 13:03 PM

Pay equity was the focus this morning as more than twelve New Brunswick organizations came together.

The groups are advocating for a law on pay equity in the private sector to be adopted by 2020.

Participating organizations explained why pay equity in the private sector is important, both for their sector and for New Brunswick: to advance women’s rights, to ensure women’s financial security and autonomy, to reduce poverty, to ensure greater justice, and to recognize the value of women’s work.

Past National President for the Canadian Federation of University Women Karen Dunnett says it's important that women have the same opportunities, "Our focus has always been on making sure that women get the educational opportunities so that they can have a life that provides them with the knowledge and skills so they can take care of themselves."

She says they fully support equal pay for work of equal value, "We need to stand up and enact the legislation that will provide this human right that women have remuneration for work that is done that has equal value to our society."

When it comes to pay equity, Dunnett says they have seen changes over the past fifty years, but they are moving as a very slow pace.

"You can see in the world today, younger women are getting much more impatient.  We have always taken the attitude that we try to work with governments to provide them with any research, but the time has come now," Dunnett says.

“Our campaign #nowNB is gaining momentum,” says Frances LeBlanc, Chair of the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity. “We are advocating for a law on pay equity in the private sector to be adopted by 2020. With the help of our allies everywhere in the province, we will drill this message and make ourselves heard until the elections and until we reach our goal.”