Laughter And Tears As The NB Adoption Foundation Turns 15

Posted on Monday, January 29, 2018 15:54 PM

Not a dry eye at  the Delta Marriott in Saint John where two teens told emotional stories of life before finding forever families.

The New Brunswick Adoption Foundation began their work 15 years ago in 2002.

17 year old Cassaundra Eisner told her story of being adopted at the age of 11 after a turbulent childhood full of addition and loud screaming matches that went on for hours.

"When I first met the Eisners I was more in shock and I just really wanted to have a family," Eisner says "and now I know that they are always there and there is no changing anything".

Yves Robichaud's son Colin Kennedy Robichaud is 13 years old and 8 when he was adopted.    Yves tells us Colin was a nervous kid when they first met him.

"When you took a picture of Colin there was a nervous look on his face," Robichaud says "and now he's all smiles, a very happy young boy".

Colin told his adoption story to the crowd and got a standing ovation.

"The twelve times I moved prior to moving into my final foster home were very rough years," says Colin "often no more than a couple of months".

"So I really want to make sure that children don't have to go through that stress or at least bring the number of children in that situation down to a minumum".

Many of their speakers gave a lot of credit to the employees of social development for their role in helping children in crisis find foster families and permanent homes.

More than 1100 children and youth have been placed for adoption since the program launched 15 years ago.