Lobster Plant Destroyed On Deer Island

Posted on Thursday, March 1, 2018 11:54 AM

There has been a devastating fire on Deer Island that will have a major impact on the Island and surrounding communities economy.

The Paturel International Lobster Plant went up in flames early Thursday morning and Aquaculture and Fisheries Minister and area MLA, Rick Doucet says more than 150 people have lost their jobs.

The workers are from several different communities off the island and there are some foreign workers housed near the facility who will be affected as well.

Minister Doucet says he has already spoken with the plant owners in Boston and has said once everything is settled he wants them to know the province is here to assist however it can.

St. George Fire Chief Sean Morton tells us the call came in around 2:20am, and fire crews from Deer Island, Fundy Bay, and Blacks Harbour were dispatched.

Around 8am, the Saint Andrews Fire Department also went to the Island.

Chief Morton says right now the main fire is out, but since it is a large industrial site, an excavator will be brought in and crews will work on site throughout the day.

He says the call came in that the fire started in the Cook Room, but RCMP are still investigating the cause.

There was a fire last September at a raised lobster tank that belonged to the same company.

No one was injured in either fire.