Saint John Receives Letter Back From Province About Amalgamation

Posted on Saturday, February 24, 2018 13:16 PM

It appears the "political hot potato" that is the amalgamation of Greater Saint John has been tossed back into the lap of Common Council.

A letter has been sent to the city manager by Environment and Local Government Minister Serge Rousselle in response to council's resolution asking the province to investigate and consider the amalgamation of the region.

In the letter, Rousselle writes that regarding amalgamation, the government will support voluntary and community-led restructuring initiatives.

It goes on to say he would encourage the city to reach out to the neighbouring communities to talk about restructuring and/or pursuing further avenues for cooperation.

The mayors of Quispamsis, Rothesay and Grand Bay-Westfield have all firmly stated their stance on amalgamation — a hard pass.