NBCC Saint John Will Add Cybersecurity Program Next Fall

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 16:06 PM

The NBCC campus in Saint John is teaming up with CyberNB to offer a new one-year advanced diploma program in cybersecurity beginning next September.

The community college's president and CEO Marilyn Luscombe says this partnership is a great example of how new collaborations can help them meet the needs of learners and the labour market.

Mostafa Shaker of Blue Spurrs, a leading technology company based in Frederiction,  tells us cybersecurity is one of the first conversations they have with a new client.


Shaker says security is so top of mind because everyone wants to make sure their solutions can't be hacked into or breached but unfortunately right now the workforce in Canada and globally has a big shortage of cybesecurity experts.

Shaker says a million jobs in cybersecurity were available in 2016 and many of them went unfilled adding that will grow to 6 million by 2019.