Adding More Protected Land In Musquash and on Grand Manan Island

Posted on Friday, September 30, 2016 13:38 PM

The Nature Conservancy of Canada can add almost 1000 new acres of land to the nature reserve at Musquash.

87 acres is coming from the family of Mabel Fitz-Randolph who was a local historian and conservationist who died in 2013.

The family of the late Andy Simpson of Saint John plan to donate more than 590 acres to the Musquash nature preserve for permanent conservation.

She says they are working with the Simpson's family to make sure that can happen adding they have quite an interest in providing public access to that land so they will be looking at developing that with them if they are successful in completing these projects.

On Grand Manan island, the NCC is beginning a new conservation effort to protect 320 acres of coastal habitat.

The NCC is working to conserve an area within the Grand Manan Migratory Bird Sanctuary as designated by the Federal government.

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(photo courtesy of M Abbott)