Crown Asks For Maximum $1 Million Penalty For RCMP Over Canada Labour Code Violations

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 15:41 PM

Both the Crown and Defence have made their final submissions to Judge Leslie Jackson in the RCMP's trial over Canada Labour Code violations in relation to the June 4th 2014 shootings.

Crown lawyer Paul Adams is asking for the maximum penalty of $1 million be applied, with $500,000 of that being used for scholarships at U de M, and the remainer doled out in smaller amounts to organizations in support of RCMP families.

"There was some conversations with the families obviously, of those impacted, I suppose there's always different options available but we hope the ones we presented would directly address the situation in some kind of positive way," says Adams.

Defence lawyer Mark Ertel disputes Adams' claim that proper equipment and training would absolutely have reduced the injuries and possibly fatalities on that night.

Adams responds by saying he's asking the court to consider the evidence, not engage in speculation.

"Our feeling was that that evidence established that had the appropriate weaponry and training been available to the responding officers, it would have made a difference in terms of the extent of the loss and injury," says Adams.

The Defence, meanwhile, wants the entire penalty to total $500,000 with four fifths of that going to charities.

Judge Leslie Jackson is going to deliver his sentence January 26th.