Gardner Says Privatization Could Mean Outside Companies Taking NB Jobs

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2016 14:45 PM

It could be outside companies taking New Brunswick jobs.

That word from John Gardner, Co-chair with the Concerned Citizens of Charlotte County group, on the privitization of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Gardner says the Gallant Liberals are planning to privatize the sign shop, small vehicle repair centre, and seasonal workers, such as patching crews. "There's no guarantees where these companies are going to be coming from. Even if they're a provincial company. So it could be somebody from outside of the province, coming in, and taking New Brunswick jobs."

Gardner compares the situation to cooking at home for your family versus going out to eat, because you're essentially hiring someone to do the work you are already doing.

He says the government wants to take us out to the restaurant every night.