Sunlife Financial Barometer Says Atlantic Canadian Retirees Are Not Always Making Ends Meet

Posted on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 12:45 PM

If you are one of those who have had to take money out of your retirement nest egg and you are still working, you are not alone.

Sunlife Financial has released its national barometer report and it shows 31 percent in the region have dipped into their retirement savings compared to the national average of 24 percent.

It is something you should try to avoid "One in four Canadians are dipping into their retirement, although it can seem far away retirement creeps up faster than you think, it's always best to be invested for the long term" says Tom Reid, Senior Vice-President, Group Retirement Services.

The report also shows 17 percent of retirees in the region still owe money on their mortgage and 20 percent of Atlantic Canadian retirees do not pay off their bills every month.