New Brunswick Adoption Foundation Applauds Government Decision To Hire Adoption Recruiter

Posted on Sunday, December 3, 2017 10:12 AM

The executive director of the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation is applauding the province's decision to hire an adoption recruiter to help find permanent homes for the roughly 400 children in provincial care.

Suzanne Kingston says the recruiter will be implementing Wendy's Wonderful Kids which is a program they have been championing for a long time.

"What this program does, is it adds a new strategy around helping, specifically, kids who are older and have more complicated needs," says Kingston. "This is a really child centred, youth centred strategy that involves the youth, involves people that are already known to the kids often, or would have known the kids through their lives, and it's really effective."

The program was founded by the late Wendy's fast food chain founder Dave Thomas, who was also adopted, and encourages those who are closest to a foster child to consider adopting them.

Kingston says the program focuses on finding permanent homes for older children who may often be overlooked in the adoption process.

"So there's at least 240 kids that are pretty much teenagers, so finding homes for an 8 year old is different than finding a home for a 15 year old," says Kingston.