Premier 'Cautiously Optimistic' After Recent Softwood Lumber Meeting In Washington, D.C.

Posted on Sunday, February 25, 2018 14:15 PM

Premier Brian Gallant is still hoping the U.S. will back down on its huge softwood lumber tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.

Gallant has had a few meetings over the issue and recently returned from Washington, D.C.

The premier recently spoke to us about that meeting.

"The last meeting we had with Secretary [of Commerce Wilbur] Ross and [Maine] Governor [Paul] LePage and myself was a productive meeting," says Gallant. "I think we were able to illustrate very clearly why this is an important matter that needs to be dealt with by the secretary and the commerce department."

Gallant says by showing the unwanted tariffs are impacting not just the New Brunswick economy, but Maine as well, makes him "cautiously optimistic" it will be resolved.