NB Green Party Leader David Coon Blasts Government Over Home Care Spending

Posted on Saturday, March 3, 2018 12:28 PM

Provincial Green Party leader David Coon is not pleased with the way the Gallant Government is using $12.4 million of federal home care funding.

Coon says $9.9 million is being used for what he calls an unnecessary transfer of Extra Mural health services, instead of helping seniors live on their own in their own homes.

During questioning last week, Health Minister Benoit Bourque says $4.7 million is being used to integrate Telecare 811, Extra Mural and paramedics.

Another $1 million is for more Extra Mural staff, and a further $4.2 million will be used to implement electronic record keeping for Extra Mural.

An additional $2.5 million is going to palliative care, which accounts completely for the $12.4 million.

Coon says despite the official word from the government, these kinds of expenditures will do nothing to help seniors age in their own homes.

Our newsroom has reached out to Bourque for comment.