Big Hearts Small City Hopes To Secure More Reliable Funding In The Future

Posted on Sunday, February 4, 2018 13:32 PM

Local charity Big Hearts Small City is looking for partnerships to secure reliable future funding.

Founder Jason Surette says they applied for two grants this year, including one from the United Way, which they didn't get.

"We applied for a certain amount and they did not approve it, so we couldn't go back and change it. That kind of fell through for us, which was going to be our major funding for 2018."

Surette says they haven't yet received a response about their application to the City of Moncton for a Quality of Life grant.

He says their new board of directors has experience writing grant applications, and he expects this will help them secure more reliable funding in the future.

Surette says while he is always grateful for every dollar donated to them, grants would help make their finances a little more predictable.