Federal Budget Focuses On Gender Equality, Indigenous Rights

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 19:23 PM

Extra EI benefits for parental leave, equal pay for all federally regulated employees and millions to help the opioid crisis. 

Those are some of the highlights of the Trudeau government's new budget.  

Another notable feature of the federal budget, introduced by Finance Ministrer Bill Morneau, includes a total of $5 billion over five years for First Nations. 

The Trudeau government is promising $430 million to fix the crippled Phoenix pay system and $82 million for cannabis research and eduction.

It also includes $81 million to help improve the no-fly list to help remove people who have the same last names as known terrorists, and over $750 million for cyber-security to stop hackers.

The budget also predicts a deficit of  $18.1 billion.

You can read more about the budget here. (File Photo)