NDP Says Budget Does Nothing To Keep Youth In New Brunswick

Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 16:19 PM

There aren't many surprises in today's provincial budget.

That from NDP leader Jennifer McKenzie who tells us they continue to have many concerns.

McKenzie says Premier Brian Gallant is not making youth a priority like he says he wants to.

"One of his first acts as premier was to cut the tuition rebate and he saddled students with debt," says McKenzie. "Youth want to stay in this province but they want to have strong social programs and they want to have good wages."

The projected deficit for the 2018-19 fiscal year will be $189 million — about $72 million more than what the Liberals projected in their multi-year plan.

McKenzie says the deficit is quite small relative to the overall budget but could be even smaller.

"If they had kept true to their promise to increase taxes to the wealthiest one per cent then we would see a much smaller deficit than we have," she says.

McKenzie says there are many things they wanted to see in the budget, including an increase in social assistance rates.

"New Brunswick has some of the worst levels of social assistance for people living with disabilities," she says. "There's next to nothing in this budget for those people."

She says the budget also does nothing to stem youth outmigration and there's no line item scrapping the controversial Medavie deal.