Atlantic Wildlife Institute Gearing Up For "Baby Season"

Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2018 07:45 AM

The Atlantic Wildlife Institute is gearing up to take care of an expected influx of orphaned baby animals this Spring.

Director of Wildlife Care Pam Novak says they don't interfere in natural predator prey situations, and instead intervene to help animals orphaned as a result of human actions.

"Either from a nest being destroyed of someone doing some work up in an attic or taking down a tree, or a cat killing a mother, or a mother being hit on the road and babies being left behind," says Novak. "Something that was, you know, human conflict."

Novak says their role is "provide them with the proper nutrition, and husbandry and care to get them back to the state where they can be released as a healthy, wild animal."

She adds it can be tricky to plan since they are essentially having to be prepared for anything.

"I could have someone show up with 20 ducklings in one container, and we could just have that as one intake," says Novak. "And then someone show up with a dozen squirrels, and then you go right up to some orphaned bear cubs, to bobcat or lynx kittens."

Novak says on any given day during this season, they have 50 to 60 ducklings on site to take care of, ranging from newborn little ducklings to older ones starting to grow in their feathers.

She says the ducks need a variety of units to swim in, which is also why they accept kiddie pools, and ducks also need special units to be built for them to live in.

Novak says they are accepting donations of all sorts of items including paper towel and toilet paper, heating pads, produce, and Tupperware containers of all sizes with lids.

She adds they will have drop off locations around the province as baby season progresses to let people drop off their donations, since she admits the AWI building itself can be a little bit out of the way in Cookville.

Novak says anyone looking for ways to help or where to specifically drop off any donations can check their Facebook page, or website, or send them a message or give them a call.

(Photo credit: Atlantic Wildlife Institute: A bobcat kitten orphaned and admitted to the AWI in October 2016.)