Saint John Bringing 'Balanced' Approach To NEB Hearing, Mayor Says

Posted on Monday, August 1, 2016 14:01 PM

The hearings into TransCanada's Energy East pipeline are taking place starting next week and Saint John, N.B.  the proposed project's eastern end point  is where they're getting started.

The city of Saint John is an intervenor and mayor Don Darling is presenting on behalf of the city as the spokesperson. We asked him about what the city is looking to get out of the hearing, which is happening at the Loyalist  Room at the Saint John Hilton in uptown Saint John starting Monday, August 8.

"In terms of what we're expecting from [the hearing] I'd say just to present a very balanced set of questions and discussion to the NEB on behalf of the citizens of Saint John," says Darling, who will be presenting on August 9. 

"What I hope to get out of it is to show the citizens of Saint John that the city is bringing a very balanced and neutral approach to the hearings and we look forward to sort of seeing how it goes over the next many months."

In late 2014 Common Council passed a resolution to conditionally support the pipeline project and in January of this year they made the city's information information requests to TransCanada public.

Other groups and individuals presenting in Saint John include the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, Repsol, the Citizens' Coalition for Clean Air, Assembly of First Nations' Chiefs in New Brunswick, J.D. Irving, Limited and Affiliates, Port Saint John, and many, many more.

The NEB's director for the review of the Energy East project Jean-Denis Charlebois said this review will be unlike any other in NEB's history. The hearings will take place in New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

"At those sessions intervenors will be able to make a short statement and ask high-level questions of the applicants. [The] objective of the panel sessions is to establish the key issues of interest to intevenors," Charlebois said back in June.

The NEB has 21 months for the review. No later than March 16, 2018 the NEB has to send a report to the federal minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, on whether or not the project should get the green light along with any recommended conditions.


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