Saint Johners To Honour Montreal Massacre Victims At Memorial Event

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 16:24 PM

It was 28 years ago that a gunman who said he hated feminists shot and killed 14 women in an act of gender-based violence at the École Polytechnique in what is known as the Montreal Massacre.

A memorial event to honour those victims is being held in uptown Saint John this week.

Dr. Chris Doran, a UNB Saint John social science professor and member of the organizing committee, tells us a mother of one of the women who died, Suzanne LaPlante Edward, came to visit them many years ago and she said: first mourn, then work for change.

"So, we've always held our ceremonies along those lines," says Dr. Doran, "we first mourn, that's the first half of the ceremony, and then the second half of the ceremony is we get local representatives from Saint John community groups to tell us how everybody in Saint John is working to improve the situation with the regard to violence against women."

Dr. Doran says this was a 'traumatic, watershed moment' for many people.

"We all remember it," says Dr. Doran, "so it's like passing the torch onto the next generation saying this is a defining moment, we don't want anything like this to ever happen in Canada. And we all have to be vigilant to prevent these things from happening."

The event is happening at 7pm on Wednesday at the UNB Grand Hall across from the City Market. Representatives from groups like the Domestic Violence Outreach program and the Coverdale Centre for Women will be speaking. The evening ends with a short candlelight vigil from Grand Hall to King's Square. Everyone is welcome to take part.

Photo credit: Rob Blanchard/UNB Photo