SJ Lancaster MLA Says Gallant Gov't Has Walked Away From Safe Harbour

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2016 17:45 PM

With Safe Harbour on Broad Street in the city's south end closing its doors today after less than a year in operation because it has run out of money, Saint John Lancaster Conservative MLA Dorothy Shephard thinks the Gallant Government should have "dug deep" and figured out how they could support the Safe Harbour board of directors in resolving this issue.

Shephard says that maybe if the kids were bridges and roads it would be easier for the government to support them, but right now they seem deliberately trying to sabotage the initiatives that are being done to support poverty reduction. She charges that the government has walked away from Safe Harbour.

The contractor placed a lien on the building which made all of the fundraising options for Safe Harbour dry up. 

Social Development Minister Cathy Rogers told us that the capital investment offer they made in 2014 is still on the table but they can't release the money until they know that Safe Harbour is a financially viable and sustainable operation.