Dorothy Shephard Nominated As PC Candidate For Saint John Lancaster

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 22:06 PM

Dorothy Shephard isn't letting a breast cancer diagnosis stop her from achieving her political goals.

She's once again been nominated as the Progressive Conservative candidate for Saint John Lancaster.

Hundreds turned out for tonight's nomination convention at a west Saint John church, where Shephard was the only candidate.

Shephard tells us she is truly blessed by the number of people who came to lend their support.

"This is a wonderful riding, a very engaged riding, they have a high voter turnout, they're interested in what's going on in the province, they help me do my job really well," says Shephard. "I'm very proud to be the PC representative for Saint John Lancaster."

Shephard has been the riding's MLA since September 2010 and says she has lots she still wants to accomplish.

She says the Progressive Conservatives passionately feel they can do better for New Brunswick.

"This isn't about personal agendas, this isn't about just staying in power," says Shephard, "this is about providing the people of New Brunswick a province that they can be proud of, a province where they can live, a province where their children can live and stay and work and contribute, and I think that we have an opportunity to do that."

Progressive Conservative leader Blaine Higgs was also on hand and told the crowd Shephard is a "tremendous candidate" for the riding and a "valuable asset" for his team.