Mayors In KV, Grand Bay-Westfield Not Interested In Amalgamation

Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 13:13 PM

It's a hard pass from the mayors of the outlying communities in Greater Saint John to the idea of amalgamation to form one regional municipality.

Rothesay is dead set against any amalgamation according to mayor Nancy Grant who tells CHSJ News she can never see the province forcing it or introducing any legislation about it.

"I don't think that could possibly happen without discussion at the community level. So that's my position on that, we don't even have a business case for amalgamation at this point. We have nothing," says Grant. "Bigger is not always better."

It's a no as well from the mayor of Grand Bay-Westfield.

Grase Losier says the idea of making the city bigger and spreading its problems over a wider audience by its nature promotes further migration to the outlying communities. In the more than 20 years she has been mayor she says amalgamation comes up 'all the time.'

"Usually it comes to the forefront generally around budget-time and it's when I guess some of our neighbours are feeling some of the budget," Losier says.

Quispamsis mayor Gary Clark believes that the town is currently paying its fair share to Saint John.

"Since Quispamsis almalgamated in 1998 we've contributed over $8.2-million and I feel this is a very strong contribution to the city of Saint John for the facilities in the region," says Clark.

"We understand that if Saint John flourishes and grows then the outlying area, the valley for example, will grow as well residentially. So we certainly want to help. I will do whatever I can and my council to help the city of Saint John grow and flourish."

However, simply put, he says there's absolutely no appetite for this amongst residents of Quispamsis.