'There's No Doubt That We Will Win': Gallant On Softwood Lumber Tariffs

Posted on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 18:23 PM

Softwood lumber will be a major topic of conversation when Premier Brian Gallant and Maine Governor Paul LePage meet with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross Jr. in Washington this week.

Gallant says softwood lumber is an important part of our province's economy and this trip is a strategic move.

"We believe that it's also very important for the U.S. economy to be able to get softwood lumber from Canada, specifically from New Brunswick."

Gallant says Governor LePage does a good job at explaining why it's important for New Brunswick to have an exemption on softwood lumber agreements, so we can get our softwood into the Maine market and elsewhere.

The premier says he remains disappointed with the unwarranted tariffs for softwood lumber heading into the U.S.

"There's no doubt that we will win, in our opinion, when it comes to the litigation that we're going to move forward with. We certainly still hope that there's going to be other ways in which we can fix this issue once and for all."