Seniors Rights Advocate Cautiously Optimistic About Five Year Nursing Home Plan

Posted on Monday, February 5, 2018 12:49 PM

A new 60 bed nursing home is planned for the Moncton area.

Premier Brian Gallant made the announcement this morning.

The Liberals government's five year nursing home plan is being carried out in three phases, and it involves building ten nursing homes around the province.

This comes after an announcement on Saturday, that the government is investing funds to renovate the Westford Nursing Home in Port Elgin.

The government will invest $2.2 million over five years at the 30 bed centre.

Meantime, the Executive Director for the Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Residents Rights Cecile Cassista is being cautiously optimistic around the government's nursing home plan, "It is great for the government to make all of these announcements, but we need to be cautious and we need to be asking questions and not be sucked into all of these wonderful deals.  We must remember that it is election time.  I honestly don't see in the budget where they have money for this.  We are talking five years, and that is a long time and this government may not be re-elected. "

Cassista says she has reached out to the government for clarification.

She adds that along with nursing home announcements, the government should be investing in home care.

"Homecare should be the real thrust to helping make people live independently.  It think the government needs to look at that, put money in that area, and get people out of the hospital.  The longer people languish in hospital, the weaker they are going to get."