British Prof Argues NB Played Major Role In Creation Of Modern Canada

Posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 21:27 PM

New Brunswick's reputation as merely a benchwarmer in the development of modern Canada being challenged by a British professor.

Ged Martin delivering the annual W. Stewart MacNutt lecture at the University of New Brunswick arguing the province actually played a vital role in the creation of Canadian Confederation in the mid-1860s.

He points to the province's refusal to back the idea of a Maritime Union with Nova Scotia, speculatating that if New Brunswick's had decided to sign on, it is possible the country could have broken up in about 18 months.

He believes there's a feeling in the province that the so-called big guys are elsewhere saying that while there may be more people living in Toronto than in New Brunswick, that doesn't mean the province doesn't matter and it doesn't mean that the province hasn't been crucial at distinct points in the country's history.

Martin teaches Canadian studies at the University of Edinburgh.