MADD Canada Is Reminding The Public To Make Good Choices This Holiday Season

Posted on Saturday, November 29, 2014 10:57 AM

The holiday season offers lots of temptation, including parties with alcoholic drinks, and MADD Canada is reminding everyone to make good choices when it comes to getting home.

Susan MacAskill is the Chapter Services Manager for the Atlantic Region, and she says they haven't seen a decrease in the numbers of impaired drivers in more than a decade, and now police forces across Canada are being forced to take drastic measures.

She says Saint John municipal police are a good example, if they can't catch the reported car when the calls comes in, they have other options.

"If they have the license plate number, within 48 hours they will go to the residence and they will notify the people in that residence the vehicle has been reported in the last 48 hours on a 911 call," says MacAskill.

She says people cannot be arrested and charged after the fact, but it is a clear warning that law enforcement is keeping an eye on this house, and this car, and will be very careful in the future to note if there are any further violations.

MacAskill also says they have people working internationally to come up with a steering wheel that has sensors built in to detect if people have been drinking, and if they are over the legal limit, the ignition won't start.

MacAskill also says every day in Canada 4 people are killed and 175 are injured as a result of impaired drivers getting into collisions, and impaired driving is 100% preventable, and that it is always the result of people making bad choices.