Classroom Violence Causing Mental Health Concerns For NB Teachers

Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2017 11:42 AM

The President of the New Brunswick Teachers Association says more and more educators are dealing with mental health issues, as a result of what they are dealing with in the classroom..

George Daley says eight to ten cases of violence are reported by teachers each week in the province.  That goes from verbal outbursts to physical contact, including punching and kicking.

"There's somewhere in the area of a 30 per cent increase on the demand of our Cousellors for teachers in the province.  They have noticed a substantial increase in workload.  I have also been contacted by teachers who don't know if they are going to finish their career anymore,"  Daley says.

Teachers are currently struggling with inclusion in the classroom, because of a lack of resources.

Daley notes that there are concerns are all levels, but elementary teachers are in a tough situation, "If there are behavioural or psychological concerns, students aren't tested until the end of grade two.  When they get to that point, a lack of Psychologists means that they end up waiting another two to three years."

"There are some who feel they almost have an unachievable path, and they are trying their best.  We have a lot of teachers are perfectionists, and the fact that they can't reach perfection, it is eating them up inside.  We have a lot of people who are struggling, " Daley says.