"A Sad, Eerie Feeling": Woman Discovers Dozens Of Granite Tombstones Along NB Beach

Posted on Monday, November 27, 2017 06:01 AM

When walking on a New Brunswick beach, the last thing you expect to encounter are several dozen tombstones, but that's just what happened to Jackie McAllister.

On Saturday, she visited a beach near Port Elgin, and was startled to discover a row of granite tombstones arrayed along the water line.

"What I saw was horrifying, it was just a whole bunch of headstones, you know, one was a veteran, there were newer ones, old ones," says McAllister. "I mean, some that had died, some that hadn't died yet, it was just a very sad, eerie feeling."

McAllister reached out to the police, and was told they were misprints, or otherwise unusable tombstones, and had been purchased as a wall of sorts for the beach.

"They weren't standing against an embankment or anything, they were literally thrown there, they were on top of each other, some were laying there flat, they weren't set a certain way, it literally looked like the water brought them in," says McAllister.

She was not impressed with the decisions made to allow the purchase and the supposed wall to go ahead.

"The names should have at least been chiseled off, I mean you don't walk along the beach to see possibly your relative's name on a tombstone," says McAllister. "So regardless of how they got there it was wrong and just a very scary picture in my head."

McAllister adds when she reached out to the RCMP, she was told this was not the first time they had received calls about the alarming view.


Photo credit: Jackie McAllister