Medical Dragons' Den Coming To Imperial Theatre In April

Posted on Sunday, February 25, 2018 14:09 PM

You've probably heard of the Dragons' Den, but you might not have heard of a New Brunswick event based on the popular TV program.

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation has come up with an event called the Medical Dragons' Den, which features medical professionals pitching ideas to advance health care in the province to the dragons.

Foundation president Jeff McAloon tells us one of the three ideas idea will receive $500,000 in funding, which has been donated by the four dragons.

"One project is a specific project around ear, nose and throat, specifically a minimally-invasive kind of surgery in a clinic setting, an outpatient setting."

McAloon says the foundation is quite regularly pitched ideas from the health authority, which is how they came up with this idea.

"You often walk out of those presentations and think 'you know, if I just had a big chequebook, I'd love to write a cheque for all of these projects and fund everybody', but we can't do that," he says. "We thought a few years back, wouldn't it be neat if we could pull back the curtain and show that process to the community."

This event is happening on April 7 at Imperial Theatre in Saint John and tickets are currently on sale.

You can find more details here.