Loyalist City Brewing Company Now Offering Cans

Posted on Monday, February 5, 2018 15:27 PM

A Water Street micro-brewery is now offering its beer in cans.

Loyalist City Brewing Company is offering its Three Sisters, Black 47 and Point Blanc IPA in cans.

Co-founder Mark McGraw says he got started like Shane Steeves of the Hammond River Brewing Company by brewing beer at home.

He says the smaller breweries like to help each other out.

"When you look at the craft beer market as a whole in New Brunswick and the rest of North America, it's such a smaller portion of the overall beer sales," McGraw says "compared to the large breweries like Budweiser, Molson or Moosehead".

Loyalist City Brewing Company beer in cans is available at Hammond River Brewing and Long Bay Brewing in Rothesay and soon at the Picaroons General Store.