Old Man Winter To Get In Some 'Parting Shots' This Spring Season

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 16:09 PM

Don't let yourself be fooled by mild, sunny weather this spring season because Old Man Winter will be fitting in some more stormy wallops on his way out.

The Weather Network has released its 2018 spring forecast which says Atlantic Canada should expect a few Nor'easters and that for some places the biggest snowfall of the year is yet to come.

Meteorologist Michael Carter says especially in early spring you can certainly still have signs of winter sticking around.

"This year's not going to be any exception to that, we're certainly going to have our typical number of spring storms, stormy periods are going to be in the months ahead, but along with that is gonna come nicer periods, periods of sunny weather, milder periods," says Carter.

"It's easy to get optimistic in March, you get a couple of mild sunny days and you think winter is done with and often that's not the case and we certainly expect that to not be the case this year as winter will still have a couple of parting shots."

The forecast also says we'll see back and forth temperature swings that should come close to offsetting each other but there's more potential for the warmth to outweigh the cold.

Overall, Carter says when you consider everything, it's going to be a pretty good spring season to look forward to in New Brunswick.