Liberals Announce 18 Beds In Charlotte County For Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

Posted on Monday, February 5, 2018 16:19 PM

Premier Brian Gallant has announced eighteen memory care beds will be created for Charlotte County in the next year, specifically for people who have Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

The announcement is part of the Liberal government's five year nursing home strategy.

Gallant says, not only will these investments create construction jobs, but they will ensure we have the capacity to help seniors and give them the care that they need and deserve for many years to come. "It will also ensure we have the right type of beds for the seniors to get the right type of care that they need to have the best quality of life."

Gallant says this will also help our hospitals, "As we all know, we sometimes have seniors in our hospitals, not because they have to be in the hospital, but because there's really no other place for them to go. So by creating the right types of beds that are needed, this will allow people to get out of the hospitals when they don't need to be there, which improves their quality of life. It improves the quality of life for their families, and it allows the system to save money because when a senior that doesn't need to be in a hospital is in the hospital bed, it costs us a lot more than if they were in a nursing home bed or a memory care bed."

As part of the strategy, a total of 407 of the memory care beds are being provided across the province for special care homes, along with 1000 additional beds for nursing homes will be created.

The plan is being done in three phases, and will also include a number of initiatives such as building ten nursing homes around the province, more support for informal caregivers, a wage supplement program that encourages employers to hire seniors, and wage increases for special care workers and home support workers.

(Picture: Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, John Ames; St. Stephen Deputy Mayor, Jason Carr; St. Stephen Mayor Allan MacEachern; and NB Premier Brian Gallant)