List Reveals Highest Paid Public Workers In New Brunswick

Posted on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 09:22 AM

Who were the highest paid public servants in the province for 2014?  

John Sinclair, the CEO of the New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation tops the list once again, earning up to $749, 000.

Next on the list, Oncologist with Vitalite Health Network and Co-CEO of the New Brunswick Cancer Network Dr. Rejean Savoie, taking home almost $450, 000.

Not far behind was Dr Eshwar Kumar of the Horizon Health Network who is also a co-CEO of the New Brunswick Cancer Network, and NB Power CEO Gaetan Thomas who both made up to almost $425, 000.

Politicians who you may be wondering about.  Former Premier David Alward earned just over $163, 000, while Brian Gallant took home almost $97, 000 as the leader of the Liberal Official Opposition.

This annual list, known as the blue book was quietly released in the New Brunswick legislature earlier this month.  It reveals the names and salaries of all public servants employees who took home over $60, 000.